Apr. 9, 2016

Treat your Baby! Chicken Nuggets for your FRENCHIE!

Recipe Treats for your Frenchie:

1.What you need:

Chicken breast -2-3 peaces

Carrot- 1-2


Plain flour- 1tbsp


You can also add or change the vegs in this recipe to suit your puppy's preference, some other dog-friendly vegs or fruits include: apples, blueberries, sweet potatoes or pumpkins!

2. Chop & Mix.

3. Shape & Bake:

Line your oven 170F tray with aluminium foil. Scoop from the mixture and shape your nuggets with a spoon, you can adjust to any size and shape! Bake the nuggets for about 15 - 20 minutes or until they turn golden (actual time depending on the type of oven you use).

4. Enjoy!

Remember to let the nuggets cool down before treating your dog!